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My background as a leader in the cosmetic industry has helped me to prepare for my career in Real Estate. As the regional retail director of a large cosmetic firm I have developed strong marketing strategies and have fine-tuned my ability to deal with all types of people at different levels in any organization. My experience coming from the world of beauty and fashion comes in handy when working in the aesthetics of real estate.

I love color and love to see what it can bring to a room. My ability to visualize a room for what it has the potential to be is helpful for clients that may not otherwise consider a property with a paint color or flooring that they don’t love. That is the kind of aesthetic sense that I bring to real estate and more specifically, to the benefit of my clients.  My goal is to connect my clients with a home that is just right for them and I feel privileged to be a part of that process. I enjoy helping people see options that they may not have otherwise considered when it comes to home buying